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This is the website of Robert Nouve: lyricist, author, songwriter, dj, human being.

Doing the Depressive Pop since 2002. Still going on and on and on...


At the end of this incredible year we want to say thanks to everyone who went with us:

Reading the news, buying books and vinyl, contacting us, keeping us alive... - Nouve Recordings could not exist without YOU!!

Before we take a short winter break, we also want to thank our friends for the great conventions in Oslo and Gothenburg and are looking forward to meet our old fellows in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Be there or be square!

The whole team of Nouve Recordings wishes a warm-hearted winter.

And if you are afraid of getting bored by the usual x-mas turmoil or simply want some rest to think about life, try the novel DRÜBEN.

DRÜBEN is out NOW!

After frustrating discussions with traditional publishers we followed the good old independent path and published it on our own.

You can order it at any media selling site or in any of your favourite book stores around the corner via ISBN 978-3744889049.

If you prefer e-books, you can get the novel with a special discount on the bod-webstore.

As a kind of soundtrack to it, there will be two mixtapes posted on mixcloud.

The first tape will introduce you to the general atmosphere of the story, the second tape deals with the development of the main characters.


2018 will probably hear new sounds from us.
But until further notice, please remember the GREATEST HITS album:

It is still available on CD and for digital download. The mixing has been done by John Agnello and mastering by Scott Hull, both with too long a list of merits and success in the back to mention here...

Hooray: we finally got some fresh vinyl from the press and all of you who missed the limited first edition get a second chance now in our webshop...

  If you prefer digital downloads please visit!

All the great video clips from GREATEST HITS are still online in the Video-Section.
For example our latest Single SWAN SONG:
As a little Thank-you for all the attention and your positive reactions on The Nouve's resurrection we had released a special remix of WHAT WE ALL WANT:
You may also like to listen to the original version of our Single WHAT WE ALL WANT in the Music-Section or to watch the Official Video Clip:
Also the video of our first Single THESE SISTERS remains worth watching: