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This is the website of Robert Nouve: lyricist, author, songwriter, dj, human being.

Doing the Depressive Pop since 2002. Still going on and on and on...

We just released the third and last Single of our latest album: LOST, featuring Craig Bethell on vocals and its video clip.

The Digital Maxi Single contains one of our very rare live appearances presenting an early Version of the Song and an early demo cut.

In the meantime we are still proud of its predecessor HEART ENOUGH:

It is part of a Digital Maxi Single that contains the instrumentals of THE GATE and ELEGY, both the two most solemn and moody tracks of the album.
In the meantime our new album is still out to get heard!!
It contains some of the best songs we ever written and a stunning guest list, featuring
Alison David (the voice of Drum n Bass legend Red Snapper),
Craig Bethell (collaborator of electro pioneer Mark van Hoen and his band Locust, but also having a fantastic solo work),
our long-time guest, the wonderful Ava Bonam,
and a special appearance by the 80's French Wave legend and creative head of Mary Goes Round, Jerome Avril!!!
Mastered by no less a person than Chris von Rautenkranz.
Get it in our shop or on bandcamp.

Please remain tuned or join us on Telegram for more background information and new surprises...
To celebrate the new album, we created a video clip for one of our favourite songs: STILL NOT WINTER YET!
You may also find our first single release KISSING THE NIGHT (featuring the wonderful Ava Bonam) as digital download on the bandcamp-site:
Do not miss our latest DAC acclaimed dance song: OFF!

In the meantime, ANALOGUE SOULS IN DIGITAL TIMES is still available!

We hope you will like it as much as we do!!

You can order it on any platform you like, but you will find the most interesting editions here in our webstore (click above):

1. Standard CD edition in digipak, including the hidden bonus track "Kapput"

2. Limited Vinyl edition: handnumbered heavyweight Vinyl in manually finalised artwork (only 100 in total, almost sold out!!)

3. Full Analogue Special Edition: handnumbered heavyweight Vinyl in manually finalised artwork plus a bonus tape with non-album track "Finstergram"

(only 50 pieces in total, almost sold out!!)

4. Vinyl Repress edition

The cover looks like this:

The first Single is FOREVER AND A DAY.

This is the official video-clip:

This following track will not be on the album, but we posted it here some time ago as a kind of teaser:

It is available as digital download on our bandcamp-site.

If you rather prefer silence, you may try the novel DRÜBEN.

DRÜBEN is out NOW!

You can order it at any media selling site or in any of your favourite book stores around the corner via ISBN 978-3744889049.

If you prefer e-books, you can get the novel with a special discount on the bod-webstore.

As a kind of soundtrack to it, there will be two mixtapes posted on mixcloud.

The first tape will introduce you to the general atmosphere of the story, the second tape deals with the development of the main characters.


Until the actual release of ANALOGUE SOULS IN DIGITAL TIMES, please do not forget our GREATEST HITS album:

It is still available on CD and for digital download. The mixing has been done by John Agnello and mastering by Scott Hull, both with too long a list of merits and success in the back to mention here...

Hooray: we finally got some fresh vinyl from the press and all of you who missed the limited first edition get a second chance now in our webshop...

  If you prefer digital downloads please visit!

All the great video clips from GREATEST HITS are still online in the Video-Section.
For example our latest Single SWAN SONG:
As a little Thank-you for all the attention and your positive reactions on The Nouve's resurrection we had released a special remix of WHAT WE ALL WANT:
You may also like to listen to the original version of our Single WHAT WE ALL WANT in the Music-Section or to watch the Official Video Clip:
Also the video of our first Single THESE SISTERS remains worth watching:

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